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Manning Marine designs custom boat trailers for both popular and specialty applications, such as for sailboats, catamarans, v-haul boats, flat bottoms, classic wood boats, fifth wheel boat trailers and any specific design where custom fit and quality are required. Manning is conveniently located in West Michigan in the Comstock Park area.

Our company  is family owned and operated. We exist to build the best quality trailers we possibly can while still keeping the costs affordable.

We were  established in 1984. Before growing into something much bigger and moving to our current location, we started where all typical hardworking American dreams start, in our garage at home.

 We got started after a family friend asked Ron to build him a trailer for his boat.  This first trailer quickly gained attention and inquiries from others wanting to know where such a high quality trailer could be designed and built for their own boats.  That same word of mouth continues to spread today from one happy customer to the next. That first trailer, now 31 years-old, is still in use today.

Our Company  is family run and customer oriented. Our focus is on giving our customers the service and quality workmanship that we ourselves would hope to receive. We take pride in doing what it takes to give our customers the quality experience they deserve and ensuring they walk away happy even if it means we put in longer hours and adjustments.

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