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Manning Marine's  all welded aluminum C-channel  frame boat trailers are  designed for  uncompromising quality and  exceed the  standard for boat trailer manufacturing.  From 6" to 12" C channel frames, we can build a aluminum trailer to fit almost any application. 


Our welded aluminum trailers come standard with galvanized torsion axles to stand up to any kind of harsh marine environment.  Designed for a smoother ride and less maintenance then spring axles 

Dacromet plated rotors and  calipers, with stainless steel piston,  are a standard feature on all Manning Marine aluminum trailers equipped with disk brakes.  Stainless steel brake components are also available. 

aluminum trailer 265 010_edited.jpg

Our aluminum trailers come with smooth aluminum fenders that are .090,  thicker then most diamond plate fenders. This makes them stronger and have a better overall appearance.  .125 thick   fenders are also available

Aluminum wheels  are a standard feature on all our custom bunk  trailers. They provide better protection against corrosion,  higher  durability ,and a better overall  appearance then most galvanized steel wheels. Lower cost galvanized steel  wheels are also available upon request. 


Painted Aluminum- Our aluminum trailers can be painted for a more custom look, and to match your tow vehicle or  boat.  

                                   Aluminum  Trailer Upgrades


Electric/ Hydraulic Disk Brakes 

Stainless Steel Calipers 

Stainless Steel Rotors 

Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Air Tight Hubs

Custom Paint Color


Sailun G range tires(16")

Goodyear Endurance,Wrangler, or Unisteel tires



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