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Our steel boat trailers are tube construction  and mig-welded  for better strength and visual  appearance.  From 4" up to  12" steel tube frames are used along with an optional truss to accommodate almost any boat  your looking to transport.  Sealed tube frame trailers are also available. 


After welding the frames are sandblasted to remove any  contaminants and mill scale for superior surface adhesion. Any prep work would be completed after sandblasting is finished. 

Trailer would be primed using PPG Essential epoxy primer for superior adhesion and corrosion resistance.  Then top-coated with PPG Essential high solid polyurethane paint to provide a glossy and durable finish. Optional custom paint choices are also available. 

trailers  primed and painted 032.JPG

Manning Marine steel trailers come standard with double eye or slipper spring axles.  They are primed and painted to assure a better appearance and hold up for years of use.  Optional torsion axles are also available. 


Electric drum brakes are a starting point of all Manning Marine steel trailers and come standard with brakes at every wheel. They are designed to stop when needed providing safety and a better towing experience, plus are legal in all 50 states and Canada. They are submersible and work quickly with your trucks brake pedal in forward and reverse. Surge disk brakes and electric over hydraulic disk brakes are also available.  


Aluminum wheels  are a standard feature on all our custom bunk  trailers. They provide durability and better overall  appearance then most painted steel wheels. Lower cost chrome or painted silver  wheels are also available upon request. 


                                       Steel Trailer Upgrades

Surge Disk Brakes                                             

Electric/ Hydraulic Disk Brakes

Torsion axles  

Stainless Steel Calipers 

Stainless Steel Rotors 

Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Air Tight Hubs 

Custom Paint Color


Custom aluminum wheels 

Sailun G range tires(16")

Goodyear Endurance,Wrangler, or Unisteel tires



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