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Manning Marine trailers are built to order and are designed in accordance to your boats specifications. Even a base model  trailer is built with the strongest frame and parts for durability and years of hassle free use.  

Every boat trailer we build comes standard with the EZ-Lube  spindle system. This allows for  quick and easily regrease of  the bearings. Air tight hubs are also available.

Every Manning Marine  trailer built comes standard with radial tires. They are  rated higher than the  trailer capacity for a better ride, reliability, and safety. Options between ST and LT tires are available. 

7,000 lb jack.jpg

Heavy duty 7,000 lb drop leg  jack  provides higher lifting range and proven to last longer than other similar jacks.  10,000 lb jacks,  1,500 lb wheeled jacks, and electric jacks  are also available.

35 fountain 2.jpg
ez lube axle.jpg

All Manning Marine trailers are equipped with heat shrink wire connectors that contain heat activated sealant. This provides excellent prevention of  corrosion or other failures common in other types of connectors. They also come with LED submersible lighting standard  for brighter illumination, less current draw, and a longer life span.  Groundless wiring system is used as well.


Dacromet plated rotors and calipers, with stainless steel piston, are standard on all trailers equipped with disk brakes. Stainless steel brake components are also available.

Most trailers we build come with self centering bunks making it easier to launch/load  and eliminating the need for over width guide poles.  Adjustable bunk versions are available upon request. 


Pressure treated  marine grade lumber along with marine grade bunk carpet are also standard on every trailer.

Heavy Duty two Piece winch mount with separate, adjustable Y style  bow stop to fit each boat.  Comes with rubber D blocks that are softer but durable to last for years. Single and double roller bow stops are also available. 

Fulton F2 winches are used on all Manning Marine built boat trailers. Electric winches are also available. 

bow stop winch post.jpg

Rear Tie downs are added to all boat trailers we build and are located on the top of the frame in the rear of the trailer. Can be moved if needed but must be informed before hand. 

Front and rear solid  fender steps are welded on all aluminum and steel trailers we manufacture. 

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