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Diamond Plate Toolbox- We offer 2 different sizes- 18" x 18" x 36" and 12" x 12" x 30". Smaller toolbox may also come in black powdercoat. 

Others may also be available upon request.

toolbox final.jpg
diamond plate .jpg

Diamond Plate Trim- Diamond plate can be added to steps and fenders on most  trailers to protect paint and/or  add a  more custom appearance. 

Custom Side Stickers/Pinstripe-  Vinyl stickers can  be added  to any trailer for a more custom look.   Manufactures  logos, boat name, etc.  Pinstripe can also be added if desired. 

Paint color .jpg

Custom paint colors -  Most solid paint colors are available as a standard, but custom or one off colors can also be used to match the boat or tow vehicle.  

 Stainless Fenders -   They are polished to a chrome like finish and are rust resistant.  

stainless fenders .jpg

 Spare Hub Assembly -   Spare hub can be mounted on your trailer that is completely assembled, greased and ready to go if ever needed.  Would be mounted on a spindle behind the spare tire.  


 Electric Jack -  Can be added   to any trailer for easier hooking and unhooking of trailer. Comes with full size battery for extended use when not plugged into tow vehicle.  Landing Gear or hydraulic jacks may also be available. 


 Electric Winch -  Can be added   to any trailer for easier loading  of trailer. Comes with full size battery for extended use when not plugged into tow vehicle.  

 Front Ladder  -  Can be added  to your trailer making it easier to get on and off the boat, especially during launching and loading.  


 Fender Guards  -  Angle welded to bottom of frame in front of fenders. Protect the fender and makes easier to retrieve in case of falling off  launch ramp.   

 Gatorbak Bunk Covers -  Provides a cushion of  protection for you boats hull. Non marking and deep ribbed to dry quickly. Can click on photo for more details .  

fender guards.jpg
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