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Electric/Hydraulic - Brake  unit allows you to activate your hydraulic trailer brakes when applying brakes on your tow vehicle. Made with anodized aluminum,rust resistant marine grade gaskets, and stainless steel hardware along with Vented plate to release heat. Hydrastar Marine units are manufactured in the USA  and made specifically to hold up in harsh marine environments. 


Stainless Components- Stainless steel calipers or Stainless steel calipers and rotors can be added to any disk brake trailer for superior corrosion protection, especially in saltwater use.  Stainless steel brake lines can also be added that are rust proof and  extremely  durable.  

Air Tight Hubs-Pressurized hubs prevent water and contaminates from getting in your hubs to help prevent bearing failure.   

White Hawk _edited.jpg

Custom Aluminum Wheels- A more custom aluminum wheel can be added to any trailer.  Light weight and durable they  can give any trailer a true custom look.


Goodyear Tires- Endurance St, Wrangler HT LT , and Unisteel tires can be added based on your preference. Manufactured in the USA,  they provide improved durability and carrying capacity.


Sailun G range 16" tires- These tires can also be added for increased carrying capacity. A Lower cost alternative  if your looking for a G range 14 ply HD tire. 

Goodyear unisteel.jpg

Fender Enclosures-  These can be added to any trailer to block off the wheels from the inside of the trailer. They prevent anything coming off the tires from possible getting into the inside of the trailer. Aluminum may be substituted for use on aluminum trailers. 

aluminum trailer 265 032_edited.jpg
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